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The establishment of the Section of Psychiatry, in the Department of Neurosciences, Rehabilitation, Ophthalmology, Genetics and Maternal-Infantile Sciences, has become essential for the particular asset that is now emerging in the field of research on mental illness: in this context, which is increasingly expanding its area of scientific interest about the medical and social fields, converge a variety of disciplines and research approaches that, ranging from nosology to clinic, to psycho-pharmacology, biology, genetics, psychodynamic, behavioral sciences, relational settings,  sociobiology and social sciences.

Within the Section of Psychiatry there are lines of clinical and nosological research, which from the experience and clinical practice deriving from the establishments contracted managed by staff relating to the same section, take into consideration the most recent settings classificatory (from ICD10 to DSM IV) that have profoundly changed the nosological categories and consequently the diagnostic and therapeutic activities on mental illness.

The Department of Neuroscience, Rehabilitation, Ophthalmology, Genetics and Maternal-Infantile Sciences is an important instrument to coordinate disparate research areas that contribute to deeper understanding of the Psychiatric Clinic and of the working of normal and pathological psyche, namely:

  1. The area most closely biological, through the field of research, already well under way at the Psychiatric Clinic, of psychopharmacologic guidance: clinical evaluation of the effects, outcome evaluation, application of rating scales, testing of new drugs.


  2. The psychometric area is a line of research that, coordinated to the clinical activity and  clinical-nosological research, contributes to the definition and clarification of the behavioral parameters and inner resonance. A laboratory of Psychometrics, already in use in the Psychiatric Clinic and conducted by qualified personnel, is now included in the Department.


  3. The scientific function of coordination of the Department has special development in the integration between the clinical components (from diagnostic those to psychopharmacological those, to socio-dynamic those) and the dynamic dimensions, especially psychoanalytic, given the affluence in the structure of specific skills of analytic kind, concerning fields of research and knowledge particularly important, such as analytic and integrated psychotherapy of neuroses, psychoses or other severe psychiatric forms, analytical techniques and research on groups, and the application of psychotherapy within the institutions.
    This confluence of psychiatric and psychoanalytic skills, linked to the presence of areas of research and teaching in the biological psychiatric therapy and psychotherapy, is a particularly significant moment in the department.


  4. Besides these main areas, equally important in the department is the coordination with behavioral and relational areas of psychiatric research, but especially with the research on the socio-psychiatric size as extramural interventions, coordination with the adjacent territorial structures of Psychiatric Services, who have long collaborated closely with the university structure.


  5. It is evident that  the Department, coordinating these afferents research, also has the function to improve and refine the learning activities that converge here, both within the official Course in Psychiatry in the Degree in Medicine, and the School of Specialization in Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology, which requires just a strong integration of clinical and scientific addresses both the School of psychiatric Rehabilitation Technique.


  6. The Department is also home to a library, currently under reorganization, which at the moment is one of the few in Liguria for what concerns the psychiatric disciplines, and an informatic service, thus providing an effective support for research, not only within the Department, but in the wider field of regional psychiatry.
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