Outpatient of Diagnostic Consultation and Psychotherapy for Adolescents

G. Ferrigno, S. Penati

The Outpatient of Diagnostic Consultation and Psychotherapy for Adolescents and Early Adulthood (14 - 21 years) provides a first assessment of the mental health problems of youth, of the difficulties in dealing with the developmental tasks of adolescence (relationship with their body , with parents and with peers) and a cycle of psychodynamic–oriented psychotherapy sessions.
The outpatient treats mainly anxiety and mood disorders.

The ambulatory taking care provides:

The periodic contracting of the times of care solicit the young in the transition from a passive position to an active involvement in the treatment, and exhibits him less to the problem of addiction, central theme of adolescence.
The hours is afternoon from 14 to 19, from October to June.

Adolescents who belong to the clinic are sent by General Practitioners, by Mother and Child Counseling, by the Mental Health Services, by Operators School, by the emergency room, doctors of other departments of the hospital to which the outpatient belongs, and more often the young people are spontaneously turning here through word of mouth and online consultation. In more complex cases and / or socially disadvantaged the taking charge is agreed and integrated with the activities of the competent Territorial Service (Territorial Social Services, Mother and Child Counseling Services, Educational Communities for Minors, etc).

The Outpatient of Diagnostic Consultation and Psychotherapy for Adolescents is also a point of reference for training in psychotherapy of adolescents.

The opening hours of the ambulatory is from 14 to 19 hrs, from September to June (it meets in closing the summer holidays, such as school).

How to make an appointment?

Call in the morning, from September to June, from 9 to 13 hrs, at the following number 010 555 2202 (Sunday and Saturday excluded).

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