Prof. Mario Amore

Coordinator of nursing: Cristina Ghiglia
Phone for reservations and information: +39 0105552202.

Pavilion 32 A bottom floor

  1. Assistance activity
  2. How to book
  3. Service coverage

1. Assistance activity

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2. How to book

Appear in person, or call the reservations clerk CPSI Cristina Ghiglia tel. 0105552202 - fax 0105555265

UVA Center: reservations made through the Reservation One Centre CUP.

DCA ambulatory: the first multidisciplinary visit takes place at the Clinical Nutrition OU, Pav 7, reserving at +39 0105553991.

Hours of reservation
From 11.00 to 13.00
Hours of access to services
Opening hours of the ambulatory to the public: from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 13.00; afternoon by appointment with individual Doctors.

How paying the ticket

Modes and time of delivery of the medical reports to users

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3. Service coverage

Nursing staff
Service coverage is guaranteed by the Nursing staff Monday to Friday from 7.00 am to 13.30 pm. 

Medical staff:
The outpatient services are performed by appointment with individual Doctors by reservation at Front Office.
Doctors provide ambulatory activity in hours to be agreed on reservation, in the established days:


Psychometry: from Monday to Friday 7.00 - 12.15; 12.45-15.00.

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