Female ward

Prof. Mario Amore

Nursing Coordinator:
CPSA: Maurizio Peragallo
Head nurse phone: +39 0105552172.

Pavilion 32 A First floor

  1. Assistance activity
  2. Mode of admission
  3. Service coverage
  4. Interview hours

1. Assistance activity

Services that are also carried out:


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2. Mode of admission

Emergency hospitalization

The emergency psychiatric response is provided by the ER, where diagnostic and therapeutic emergency interventions are carried, and hospitalization is predisposed, when necessary, with urgent transfer to the Psychiatric Clinic UO or to the SPDC (Psychiatric Service of Diagnosis and Treatment) present within the hospital.
Emergency admissions are also carried from the Ambulatory of this UO and through the transfer from other OUs.

Elective Hospitalization (ordinary)

The hospitalization is on a grounded proposal of the attending psychiatrist or general practitioner.
The OU ensures the planned admission for non-urgent conditions, in accordance with the regular procedures of reserving, using the appropriate register kept in the women's ward on the first floor, and which proper maintenance is delegated to head nurse of men and women wards, in compliance with the notice 10889 / 2011 signed by union representative.

Documentation to reserve hospitalization

The hospitalization occurs on reasoned request by the treating psychiatrist or general practitioner. Executives Doctors of OU are the figures authorized to reserving.

Procedure to reserve the hospitalization

The motivated proposal of the specialist physician should be communicated to a doctor of the clinic, who will insert the name of the patient in the appropriate registry of reservations validating the booking and becoming its referent. Reservations are written in chronological sequence. The hospitalization of patients on call of the ward, is according to this timeline, unless changes due to emergencies or other valid and justified clinician reasons which must be adequately explained on the register of reservations.

Documentation to be submitted at the time of hospitalization

Recent medical reports of diagnostic survey carried out in relation to the alleged pathology; report of the General Practitioner and / or the treating psychiatrist; any other health records useful for diagnostic and therapeutic orientation.

These documents shall be given to the Nursing Coordinator or, in his absence, to the shift supervisor nurse, presenting himself at the ward on the fixed day and time.

Hours for the shelter

The inpatient admissions are accepted from 8.00 to 14.00 on weekdays.
The urgent admissions are accepted 24 hours on 24.

Transfer from other OU

The access mode of the patients belonging to other OU provides:

Transfer from other hospitals or residential structures

The access mode of the patients belonging another hospital or residential structure provide for the direct communication and the agreement with the Psychiatrist on call or the structured physician of the accepting OU.

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3. Service coverage

Nursing staff

Medical staff:

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4. Interview hours

The hours at which the doctors are available for informations and interviews with the public are posted at the entrance of the OU.

Hours reserved for interview with the public:
The director and the doctors receive every weekday from 11.30 to 12.30 by appointment.

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