Course of Specialization in Psychiatry

The training activities that lead to the acquisition of specialist skills are divided into didactic training and vocational training, the firsts include lessons, seminars, elective teaching, the seconds include exercises or workshops and apprenticeship.

Lessons, seminars and elective teaching and exercises are held by the teacher and are held in the lecture hall for all students;  instead laboratory and apprenticeship take place  for small groups, and in them the teacher is assisted by some tutors.

The training teaching ensures the acquisition of knowledge, while professional training the skills and behaviors necessary for the future specialist.

Any kind of activity gives credits
The credits are acquired through participation and positive evaluation, the evaluation can be expressed directly as a teacher or tutor judgment, or requires an exam

The student's record book records the daily participation of the clerks in the various activities, the evaluation they obtained, the credits earned.

The record book is edited by the intern, frequency and evaluation are attested by the teacher or tutor.

Elective teaching activity

The intern chooses, in the provision of the teaching of the faculty, some cultural events (monographic courses, forums, internships, workshops, etc.).
The participation in the events, every year requires a compulsory online registration and involves verified frequency and evaluation; the evaluation can occur at the end of the event or at the same time of the examination of the course of reference.
Each educational event regularly attended gives rise to claims.
The student must enroll in this space to the educational event, indicating type and title, reference teaching and number of credits expected.
The assessment is made by the teacher, whose signature also attests to the frequency.

Vocational training activity

The vocational training activity (teaching practice and internship) concerns the acquisition of the knowledge of the specific professional profile, which is acquired by working in the diagnosis and treatment psychiatric services, clinical wards, ambulatories, mental health centres, and structures identified by the board of the school of specialization in psychiatry as part of the training.
The activity takes place for groups of students under the guidance of a tutor in the times indicated in the calendar, free from essential and elective teaching, and aimed at achieving specific goals in each different training sites

The school in the Web

The School of Specialization in Psychiatry also has got an own Website with all the useful informations.

List of interns

The list of clerks is available at this link.

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