Techniques of Psychiatric Rehabilitation

(Qualifying for the Health Occupation in Technician of Psychiatric Rehabilitation)

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In the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery is achieved the degree of “Technician of Psychiatric Rehabilitation”.

Under the Law of 10 August 2000, n. 251, Article 2, paragraph 1, graduates in Psychiatric Rehabilitation Technicians are healthcare workers of the rehabilitation who perform activities aimed at prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and functional assessment procedures, with title and autonomy, towards individuals and community, in order to perform the competences envisaged by the professional profile.

The graduates Psychiatric Rehabilitation Technicians have adequate preparation in the basic disciplines, such as to enable them to better understand the most important elements that are the basis of pathological processes on which focusing their rehabilitative and/or therapeutic intervention in the adolescent, adult and geriatric age. They must also be able to use one ore more European Union languages, other than Italian, in the specific competences and for the exchange of general information. Therefore, the educational structure in charge must identify and construct a training path to the realization of the figure of graduate, functional to professional profile outlined in the decree of the Ministry of Health. For this purpose, through an appropriate selection of the disciplinary areas of the core course units, particularly with regard to the professionalizing scientific-disciplinary areas, the teaching structure identifies the specific training that falls within the class of degrees of health rehabilitation professions. In particular, graduates Technicians of Psychiatric Rehabilitation, according to the above training, must reach the skills listed below and specified with respect to the specific profile of the measures identified by the competent ministerial authorities. The achievement of skills is conducted through a theoretical and practical training that also includes the acquisition of behavioral skills and to be achieved in the context of the specific work of the profile, in order to ensure, at the end of the course, the full mastery of all required skills and their immediate marketability in the workplace. As an integral and necessary condition for the training, the practical training course and the clinical internship -carried out under the supervision and guidance of professional tutors specially assigned, coordinated by a teacher belonging to the higher level of training provided for each profile professional and appropriate standards set at European level where existing- play particular importance. Graduates Technicians of Psychiatric Rehabilitation, depending on the training course, must reach the skills provided for by the specific job profile.


To be eligible to the degree program in Psychiatric Rehabilitation Techniques must possess a diploma of upper secondary school for five years, or other equivalent qualification obtained abroad. The recognition of qualifications obtained abroad for the purpose of admission to the degree program is approved in accordance with existing international agreements. It is 'provided the assessment of the requirements of the candidate's suitability to carry out the work specified for the particular job profile of the degree course. The number of students eligible for the course is annually determined by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, University and Research based on information contained in the regional plan of training, taking into account the needs of national health and on the basis of the educational project and of the educational potential.


To be eligible for to the final examination it is necessary to have attained all the credits in the learning activities included in the study plan. The final examination, taken in front of a commission appointed by the competent academic authority and formed under the law, is the dissertation of a theoretical-applicative-experimental elaborate, and the demonstration of practical skills in managing a situation inherent in the specific professionality.


Graduates Psychiatric Rehabilitation Technicians are health professionals with responsibility assigned by the Decree of the Ministry of Health of March 29, 2001 -and subsequent amendments and additions; as part of a treatment plan developed by a multidisciplinary team, they carry out rehabilitation and educational interventions on patients with mental disabilities. Graduates Technician of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation collaborate in the evaluation of mental disability and of the potential of the subject, analyzes the needs and demands of evolution, and reveals the resources of the family context and social environment, assist in the identification of training and therapeutic and psychiatric rehabilitation objectives, as well as the formulation of the specific intervention program aimed at the recovery and development of the subject being treated; they implement enabling/rehabilitation interventions of persons to take care of themselves and of interpersonal relationships of varying complexity, and, where possible, of employment; they work in the context of primary prevention in the territory, in order to promote the development of network relationships, in order to facilitate the acceptance and management of risk situations of manifested disease; they work on the families and social context of the subjects, in order to favor the reintegration into the community; they collaborate in the evaluation of the outcomes of the program of habilitation and rehabilitation in individuals, in relation to the objectives; they contribute to the formation of support staff, and directly contribute to the update on their professional profile, carry out their professional activity in facilities and public health services or private, either as employees or as freelance.

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